28 Reasons why I love the FASTer Way to Fat Loss as a Registered Dietitian (updated for 2024)

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I first learned about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, (FASTer Way or FWTFL for short) in 2018. I must have noticed it in someone’s IG profile and thought – what is FWTFL?

As a foodie and a registered dietitian mom, following anything related to health, wellness, restaurants or food is up my alley. It’s my business to be in-the-know.

And on my road to becoming a dietitian, I tried every diet out there – weight watchers, atkins, keto, vegan, Mediterranean, beach body and my personal favorite and Gweneth Paltro recommended unsustainable fad – The Dr. Joshi Diet. I mean, the crazier and more limiting they are, the better right?

As every health professional worth their salt already knows – that is not the case!

As much as diet culture pushes a calories in, calories out one size fits all approach, lets face it – most of the time these are quick fixes, and unsustainable for the long term. So when I saw FWTFL, I had to investigate.

Melanie Marcus RD

Initial Research

My initial google search in 2019 rounded up mostly influencer recommendations for the program but very few health professionals had weighed in. I did find one dietitian who called the program out for being too complicated. She described it as throwing everything at the kitchen sink and totally overwhelming. Which could be true if you try to piece it together from the FWTFL website and implement on your own. That said, I just kept following The FASTer Way on IG and continued my research. I checked out the blogs, looked employees up on Linked In and learned several dietitians were on the leadership team and helped develop the program. I also took to Pinterest to see what resources I could find there. And then I found the coaches.

The FASTer Way’s key differentiator are the coaches.

Men and women, nurse practitioners, dietitians, physicians, moms, dads, teachers and more – all who live the program day in and day out, sharing their experiences, motivating new and potential clients in online but also in everyday life.   FASTer Way has a certification for coaches who then facilitate the program.    

Next, I started to follow a few.  They shared their meals, grocery hauls, weekly meal plans and recipes.  They shared what they fed their families, and what their portions looked like. It all seemed pretty normal.  They talked about FWTFL strategies like intermittent fasting and carb cycling and they were living examples of how busy moms and dads, grandmothers and professionals, no matter their stage of life (even during pregnancy) were incorporating the FWTFL into their daily lives. 

I even called my dietitian friends to see if they’ve ever heard of it.

After over a year of scoping it out, I bit the bullet, paid the $199 (at the time) and enrolled in the new client experience with the coach that resonated with me – Liz Baynard. She was a post partum, doing her thing, fitting workouts in daily, feeding her family well and she was reaching her health goals. Nothing crazy, nothing unrealistic – totally attainable.

Melanie Marcus FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach

My first round of the FWTFL was October 2020. My doctor cleared me for activity after Max was born and I was ready to hit the ground running. I never looked back. Six months in, I became a certified coach for the FASTer Way and it has brought me more joy as a health expert than I could have ever imagined. Working with clients in a very personal way, nudging them towards achieving their health goals – this is why I became a dietitian.

whole food nutrition
Whole food nutrition is one of the key pillars of the FASTer Way.

28 reasons why I love the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

In the food department

1. Anyone can do it. It can be completely modified to meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re a new breastfeeding mom, or a college student trying to figure out eating on your own! If you’re recovering from a surgery and can’t work out or you just had bariatric surgery and have been told you can’t do any form of fasting. Whatever the limitation is, there’s a way to talk through it with your coach to customize the program for you.

2. It’s based in science. This is where the macro tracking, intermittent fasting, whole unprocessed foods comes in. The programming is also looked at cyclically so that you’re not always in a calorie deficit – because that’s not really effective.

FW Testamonial Macros

3. The focus is actually on building lean muscle in order to rid fat. It’s not just about becoming as small as possible. It’s about becoming strong and empowered. Teaching clients the power of their food choices and how that effects their bodies.

4. Intermittent fasting is way easier than I thought! I actually have more time! One of my favorite things is that I don’t need to worry about having breakfast. Instead, I can focus on feeding the kids, packing schoolbags, putting my makeup on and go.

5. You don’t need to purchase additional apps like My Fitness Pal to track macros. The FWTFL app has a macro tracking feature and library and makes macro tracking complete and easy. No additional apps needed!

6. Success isn’t measured by the scale. Instead we learn to look at non scale victories including measurements, photos, energy levels, how clothes fit and sleep quality.

7. You can eat out! Whether you’re traveling for work or dining out more because you don’t have time to cook – the FWTFL can work for you! We track macros (protein, carbs and fat) not just calories. Most restaurants post this info for easy tracking, plust the FWTFL app also has cool features that allow you to add personal favorites or use their library of items for stress free tracking.

8. I can still have my coffee. One of my favorite times of day is when I sit down with my cup of coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. That’s my time to get my day straight and wake up at my own pace.

9. Recipes and meal plans are delicious AND optional. People ask me all the time if I can provide them with a meal-plan for weight loss. I mean all the time. And for me as a dietitian, I love that the recipes use whole foods and are easy to put together. If you’re just not sure where to start with healthy eating, the meal plans are a lifesaver. They’re also ideal for busy people who just want to know what to eat for the week. They even come with a weekly shopping list to make your online ordering a breeze. It’s all found in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss App!

10. FOOD FREEDOM! You can eat whatever you want. And by this I mean, if it fits in your macros, log it and move on. I’m not saying you should eat a twix bar every day, but if you do choose to indulge, you can. And it’s no big deal.

11. Food isn’t emotionally charged anymore. Going through the program actually helped me undo some “diet think” that I didn’t realize I had! Food was always a very emotional, impulsive and comforting thing for me. But after truly looking at food as fuel to help my body build muscle – I’m able to enjoy foods like chocolate, bagels, and pizza without overeating, or guilt.

12. You don’t have to make different meals for yourself vs the rest of the family. Is there a bigger win for moms or dads who cook for the whole family?

FW Non scale victory

13. You don’t feel deprived or hungry. There is actually a lot of food to eat every day. I often see clients struggling to eat enough!

14. Protein supplements and collagen are not required. You can get all the protein you need from whole foods. However, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss team developed a protein supplement that provides 20g per scoop with only 90-98calories. It has little to no carbs and fat, they offer collagen too. It’s not necessary, it’s only an option if you want an easy form of protein to add to your routine.

15. The macro calculation is rooted in having you eat as much food as possible – while reaching your health and body goals! For me, food provides a lot of enjoyment, so it’s a major bonus!

About the FASTer Way to Fat Loss workouts

16. The workouts are FAST. I do not like working out. I never have. I always thought I needed to be running and doing cardio to lose weight. I hated getting red and sweaty, it was never for me. I actually do these workouts during my lunch break at home or even at the office. Each day a workout video is posted in the FWTFL app. The head coaches walk you through every exercise and suggest ways to modify up or down depending on your ability.

17. Every workout can be customized. You can challenge yourself up modify down every and that’s OK! I was always completely intimidated at the gym and didn’t know the first thing about lifting weights. With the FWTFL workouts, I was able to try workouts in the privacy of my own home, modify as needed while gaining strength and confidence.

FW NSV Food choices

18. The workouts are effective. The combination of strength training and high intensity workouts are key to keeping your body in a fat burning zone.

19. You don’t need special equipment. There may come a time when you want to upgrade your workout equipment, but you really don’t need anything to get started. Splurge for the strength bands if you want some resistance at a low cost.

20. Workouts are constantly changing. And they are strategically paired with the macro cycle for maximum effectiveness.

Maybe the most important and the most underrated things about the FASTer Way.

21. You learn the foundations at a pace that help support new healthy habits. It takes at least 21 days to form a healthy habit. Your first six week round gives you a fresh start and lays the foundation for healthy habits. Plus your coach can help you pace things out and support you with extra trainings and resources to help you succeed, the way you need to learn.

22. You have a support system – always. This is the role of your personal coach. The head coaches at the FASTer Way to Fat Loss are constantly delivering tips through the app. It’s cool because it reminds you why you’re doing this. Also, seeing my clients support each other – in many cases TOTAL strangers, is really a beautiful thing.

23. It’s sustainable! Once you start to trust the process you’ll see that you can have an off day and get right back into it without punishing yourself. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

24. I haven’t stepped on the scale in about a year. This has done wonders for my mental health. Stepping on that scale and then allowing the number to impact my mood has been awful. And I know better than anyone that one pound of muscle is way smaller than one pound of fat. But for some reason the number that all goes out the window when I step on the scale. Now, I focus on how clothes fit, energy levels, sleep quality and even how much weight I’m using during workouts as measures for success.

FW NSV Accountability

25. Macro tracking isn’t forever. This can seem overwhelming at first. But I see it as a way to collect data about how you eat. It’s a way to learn what foods you lean into, and more importantly, it’s a way to learn about the portion sizes that make you feel your best.

26. You can find the coach that is right for you. If you’re going to start the FWTFL, take the time to look up coaches and see who you vibe with. Everyone is different and we are all motivated in different ways. If you take the time to sign up with a coach who you trust and feel comfortable with, your success will be that much greater. And while it’s not the norm, you can actually contact the FWTFL, to change your coach if you feel that you need to!

27. It provides much needed structure for the person that’s tried everything. I’ve had so many clients that “have tried everything”. Like me, they wanted to make progress on their health goals, they just didn’t have the structure or support to get them there. With a good faith effort, there is no doubt in my mind, you will find success.

28. Support continues even after your 6 week new client experience. The FWTFL calls this VIP membership. It’s ongoing monthly access to the FWTFL programming through the app. You’ll keep access to daily workouts, macro cycle changes, macro and water tracking, seasonal challenges with cool prizes and your personal coach.

What is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

It’s a digital nutrition program that combines intermittent fasting, macro tracking, carb cycling and fitness to maximize fat loss while building lean muscle.  You learn about these topics at length with your FASTer Way Coach. It may be through daily emails, small online groups or through the FWTFL App. 

When you first sign up you are enrolled in the “New Client Experience” which will start on a specific day. It lasts for six weeks and is referred to as a “round” of the Faster Way.  As soon as you sign up you’ll get instant access to the app and your coach will get in touch with you to sort out the details.

Who is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for?

  • If you’ve tried everything and you’re ready to put your energy into something that is sustainable and going to deliver results. 
  • If you’re a new mom and want to start regaining confidence and energy to take care of your family. 
  • If you’re breastfeeding and want to lose baby weight without sacrificing your milk supply.
  • If you just had your annual physical and you want to improve blood work and overall health. 
  • If you are at risk for diabetes and want to get your blood sugar under control. 
  • And so many more…

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is NOT FOR YOU if:   

  • Staying accountable and in touch with your coach daily seems like too much.
  • If you like the idea of shifting your diet, but maybe you’re just not quite ready to make the change. 

When you start living the faster way you realize a healthy lifestyle isn’t about being perfect. It’s about enjoying life and finding a balance with food and exercise that helps you reach your goals.

FWTFL before and after photos

Start your weight loss today!

I’m excited to help you achieve your health goals! Connect with me on Instagram @miss_nutritious_eats or on Facebook @Missnutritiouseats. Share your questions, and let’s begin your journey to feeling your best today!

About Me

I’m Melanie.

I’m a chef, registered dietitian, foodie, wife and mom.
If you’re looking for quick and healthy meal inspiration that supports your health goals while feeding the rest of your family (including the kiddoes) well, then you’ve come to the right place!

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About Me

I’m Melanie.

I’m a chef, registered dietitian, foodie, wife and mom.
If you’re looking for quick and healthy meal inspiration that supports your health goals while feeding the rest of your family (including the kiddoes) well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Melanie Marcus Selfie

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