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I’ve had the opportunity to share nutrition and cooking tips in a variety of publications! Here’s a short list for your reading pleasure!


Fox 11 Los Angeles (Jan 2023)

Meeting your New Year nutrition Goals can be tricky if one isn’t sure where to start. Melanie Marcus recently shared a few of her favorite tips and recipe ideas with Good Day LA…

Dole Tube (April 2020)

Dole Healthy at Home Video – Melanie walks you through how, and why to make chocolate-banana ice cream at home.

Good Day LA (June 2019)

Delicious, nutritious and kid-friendly recipes inspired by Disney’s “The Lion King”…

ShopRite / Wakefern (April 2016)

Chef Melanie Dwornik shows us how to take advantage of fresh or dried herbs by making a quick and delicious vinaigrette dressing using just a few simple ingredients! Serve over grilled vegetables, grilled chicken or fish, or add to seasonal …


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Forbes (February 2024) 4 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit, According To Experts

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Saatva (January 2024) I Tried the Sleepy Girl Mocktail Recipe​—and It Had a Surprising Effect on My Sleep

Real Simple (January 2024) The 14 Best Kitchen Towels of 2024

Produce Business (December 2023) Rising Star Celebration Honors 40 Under Forty Class

Food and Wine (December 2023) How (and Why) to Use a Vacuum Sealer, According to a Dietician and Chef

The Spruce Eats (November 2023) Why You Should Never Reheat Chicken in the Microwave, According to an Expert

Food and Wine (October 2023) The 5 Best Meat Slicers for Safe, Effective Slicing at Home

Parade (September 2023) 4 Ways To Tell if a Cantaloupe Is Ripe

Parade (September 2023) How to Store Cilantro So It Lasts for Days

Parade (September 2023) How To Store Grapes So They Stay Fresh as Long as Possible, According to Registered Dietitians

Parade (August 2023) 5 Easy Hacks To Ripen Freshly-Picked Peaches Quickly

NBC Selects (August 2023) The best portable blenders, according to experts

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Produce Business (June 2023) 2023 Produce Business 40 Under Forty Award Winner: Melanie Marcus

Simply Recipes ( June 2023) Never Buy Fresh Green Beans From This Part of the Grocery Store

Parade (May 2023) Bet You Didn’t Know You Were Eating Leftover Rice Wrong

Parade (May 2023) Reaching for Those Leftover Slices in the Fridge? Here’s How Long Pizza Really Lasts According to Food Experts

Parade (May 2023) Can You Freeze Milk? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Food and Wine (May 2023) The Best Beeswax Wraps to Keep Your Food Buzzing with Freshness

Parade (May 2023) How To Quickly Defrost a Block of Ground Beef in 30 Minutes When You Have Hungry Guests on the Way

A Sweat Life (May 2023) The Best Gluten-Free Snacks to Keep Stocked in Your Pantry

Food and Wine (April 2023) The Best Outdoor Bar Carts for Entertaining Al Fresco

Clean Plates (April 2023) 6 Immune Boosting Slow Cooker Recipes

Food & Wine (April 2023) The Best Outdoor Grills for a Sizzling Backyard

Everyday Health (April 2023) What Is Natto? A Complete Guide

Serious Eats (April 2023) What’s the Point of a Cake Tester?

Parade (March 2023) Have You Been Storing Your Onions Wrong All Along? Food Experts Clear Up the Confusion

Parade (March 2023) These Are Officially the Best Oils for Frying Chicken, Fish & More

Fox News (March 2023) Should you wash ground beef? Expert weighs in on the viral cooking method

Eat This Not That (March 2023) 25 Protein-Packed Dinners for Losing Weight & Building Muscle

Eat This Not That (March 2023) 7 Worst Things to Order at a Sandwich Shop, According to Dietitians

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The Spruce Eats (March 2023) What’s That Chunky Crystallized Stuff in My Honey (And Is It Safe to Eat)?

Parade (March 2023) How To Tell if Your Eggs Are Bad, According to Food Experts

The Spruce Eats (March 2023) Is It Safe to Eat Cheese That’s Just a *Little* Moldy?

Eat This (March 2023) The 13 Best Walmart Foods to Buy Right Now, Say Dietitians

Eat This (Feb 2023) 8 Drinks to Help You Poop Immediately

The Spruce Eats (Feb 2023) What’s That White Stringy Thing On My Chicken?

Eat This (Feb 2023) 15 Best Trader Joe’s Foods to Stock Up On, According to Dietitians

Eat This (Feb 2023) The 20 Worst Foods for Men Over 40 – syndicated on MSN

PR Newswire (Feb 2023) Local Banana Lovers Crown “Charlotte’s Best Banana Bread” for Today’s National Banana Bread Day – also featured on ABC WHTM, FOX 4KC

The Packer (Feb 2023) Dole Food Co. and culinary school host banana bread bake-off

And Now You Know (Feb 2023) Dole Food Company Partners With Carolina Culinary School; Melanie Marcus Details

Eat This (Feb 2023) 15 Best Trader Joe’s Foods to Stock Up On, According to Dietitians

Yahoo News (Jan 2023) Meeting your New Year nutrition goals

Forbes (Oct 2022) What is the Military Diet?

A Sweat Life (Oct 2022) How to Enjoy Halloween with Dietary Restrictions

HUM Nutrition (Oct 2022) 13 Ways to Use Protein Powder (and not a smoothie in sight!)

Low Country Parent (Oct 2022) Whip Up Some Healthy Halloween Recipes

And Now You Know (Sept 2022) Dole Food Company Releases New Spooky Recipes and Party Fun Page

The Produce News (Aug 2022) Dole Streamlines Healthy Meal Planning

And Now You Know (July 2022) Dole Food Company Introduces Pineapple Passionfruit Summer “Refresh” Drink

And Now You Know (June 2022) Dole Food Company’s Melanie Marcus Discusses Latest Installment of “Healthier by Dole” Recipe Series

Fansided (Feb 2022) Crustless Pumpkin-Banana Pie is a delicious gluten free dessert

And Now You Know (Nov 2019) Dole Unveils Nine New Recipes Inspired by Anna, Elsa, and Olaf

WBTV (June 2018) Kannapolis and Concord Police tackle an overlooked area of public safety- Good Health

The Produce News (April 2017) ShopRite fighting childhood obesity with KidsFit program

Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (Aug 2016) NRA FS@R: ShopRite’s Melanie Dwornik, RD Talks Cooking Classes and Wellness

Progressive Grocer (June 2015) How ShopRite Stores Do Health and Wellness


Pollock Communications (May 2013) Healthy Cooking…in the Grocery Aisle

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