Kitchen Essentials

Arm yourself with the tools you need to meal plan like a pro in the kitchen. Preparing meals and planning them is an art that takes time to master, especially if you want to use everything in your fridge before it goes bad!

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend two things – a kitchen journal and a meal planning notebook.

This kitchen journal is simply what you need to start jotting your way to better cooking. Write out recipes before you get cooking to build confidence, track your macros and note adjustments for your personal preferences.

This kitchen essential is the meal planner that will have you organized (for the entire year) and remembering which meals were a family hit!!

Complete with area to jot down your pantry staples and favorite recipes, this workbook has 52 pages where you can weekly meal plan, create shopping lists and forget the 3pm struggle of “What’s for dinner?!”

Are you looking to get lean and lose fat?

Start now. Six months from now, you’ll be so proud.
Stop waiting for the right time to start because there will always be an excuse.

Stop putting your goals on hold.

Stop thinking you’ll start tomorrow.

All you need is a plan to follow & a coach to educate you, support you & help you create the most sustainable lifestyle possible, with your goals in mind. It is easier than you think!

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands and feel confident, energized, LEAN, & STRONG?

About Me

I’m Melanie.

I’m a chef, registered dietitian, foodie, wife and mom.
If you’re looking for quick and healthy meal inspiration that supports your health goals while feeding the rest of your family (including the kiddoes) well, then you’ve come to the right place!

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